Race bodies over the years

The whole 1/10th scale racing thing started for me in 2007 when I decided to get a TT01 for drifting around the parking lot under my building. Mine came with a RX-7 FD body. A mate acquired a TA03 with a Ferrari body and we started racing each other at the Kambah track.

Eventually we decided to check out one of the ACTMCRC club meets. I got hooked and started racing their regularly. Shortly thereafter I got myself a HB Cyclone (aka the “Cyclone Black”, aka the “purple XRay eater”). I did a new body for it, which was inspired by road markings.

The car was fast straight out of the box. After a few months I started winning the novice class at our club. Later I’d go on to win a couple of consecutive 540 championships.

Somewhere along the way I did a body that I called the JF1 (JellyFish 1). It was mostly a dark translucent blue, and all over were “poisonous” spots – fluorescent pink rings with transparent interiors. Ultra-violet LEDs mounted on the chassis inside the car gave the car a unique 3-dimensional bioluminescent look reminiscent of jellyfish and other deep-sea creatures.

While it looked excellent, the JF1 was not a great race shell. It was a Honda Integra and only had a very small rear wing. I found it to be 0.3s slower (over a 15 second lap) than the Protoform MazdaSpeed 6. I remember being really surprised about that.

Eventually I went back and got myself another Mazda 6 body. I decided to do a tropical interpretation (it was coming into Summer) of my original Mazda 6.

These days I’m rolling a few chassis: I still have the tropical body (it get used on my Cyclones). I also have an F103 with a Mazda 787B le Mans shell. And I have a Sakura Zero S with a simple white shell.