Wave Craft

There should be a VIDEO GAME based on the idea of crafting your own waves. The game could use a full smooth particle hydrodynamic code (SPH) to simulate waves interacting with hand-crafted ocean floors. It would be called WAVE CRAFT.

First edit:

I’ve always thought that the best games tap into the gamer’s natural urge to collect… collect cars, collect trophies, collect tokens proving they’ve finished each level. The game could centre around collecting the worlds best waves. The user might be challenged to create models, which are added to the users collection. The user might be rewarded with different materials allowing different bottom formations: sand can be put in trapezoid shapes; groynes allow longer sand banks; rocks are surrounded by sand with 1/R profiles; reef can be put anywhere and have any shape (it is the ultimate).

Second edit:

Maybe it just needs to be simple. The users are the same people who spent their high-school years scribbling scenes of fairytale bays and flawlessly peeling pointbreaks. Maybe give them a bulldozer and a let them sculpt the earth to their heart’s content. Then let the tide come in and allow the user to see and photograph (and maybe surf!) their creation. Maybe the users don’t need to be spoon fed a cliche game… let them simply use the tool to create their wildest dreams and share them on-line with the world.