Nats day one: Practice

Hit the track today with cousin Joe and old racing mate Pete… and about 50 other people trying to find that extra bit of pace ahead of the big race this weekend.

The car has had some serious work over the past week. That includes installing TRF shocks, HPI springs, carbon chassis, adding boost (all covered in other posts). I did set a personal best lap-time of 21.7s. That puts me somewhere in the mid-field right now. The really fast local guy, Michael Sherman, was doing 20.2s.


  • Speed was good. On the straight I was faster than most, but not quite as fast as Mr Sherman. Punch on the in-field I was pretty ordinary. Motor temp is coming off in the low 70’s. That is ok, but a little high for comfort. I could still hear the motor winding out up at the end of the main straight, so I wonder if I should drop a couple of pinion teeth.
  • I swapped from HPI silver springs (16.9 lb/in) to Tamiya Blue (14.1 lb/in) all round and liked it.

Tomorrow I will…

  • find more low-end punch (gear down?)
  • try some softer shock oil (say 400wt)
  • work out how to use tyre sauce
  • read the reventon user guide here and add anything important to this post.