TCX Setup

Yesterday I ran the TCX in 17.5 blinky. It was a pretty thin class, as most of the top guys ran other classes. Nevertheless, the car was really fast! The car was good through the slow stuff, and amazing through the fast stuff. I qualified 2nd (in the only qualifier) and won all 3 finals. Here is the setup: TCX_Chas_Egan_2012_DEC_15 <— totally awesome!!

Power and speed from the Thunder Power 17.5 was great, but motor temps were still only in the 50s… so more to come from that department.

A few weeks ago, at the Nationals, the car was a bit nervous in the rear. Since then I have changed a lot (re-built all shocks, added DJCs, swapped to Smokem decks, swapped to Capricorn rear diff, swapped to Sorex rubber, and more). Some or all of these changes have made the rear much more settled than it was at the Nats. Perhaps the car is ready to go onto stiffer springs (silver, or even pink) to give it bit more aggression.

Actually, to that end I have ordered some Moorespeed TC matched competition springs (red = medium, and grey = soft). The reds are supposed to be somewhere between HPI silvers and HPI pinks, and the greys between HPI blues and HPI silvers, but I can’t find any specs or independent measurements to verify that.


Few pics of the car in its current incarnation….