Hot Sunday

Hot Sunday

An unscheduled race was held today to make up for rounds cancelled recently.

During the last race I entered (some time in January) the car was epic, but that was at night. In comparison, today is sunny, humid, and hot. Tyres were going to behave differently and motors would run hotter.

Before my first run I switched from HPI blue springs to MuchMore reds (reminder: the weights go HPI blue, MuchMore grey, HPI silver, MuchMore red, … etc). I had liked the blue springs, but I was now looking for a little more aggression.

In Q1 I sauced and baked my tyres (Sorex 36s) and had my ride height at 5.0 and 5.5mm. I finished middle of the field (which numbered 7 today and included 3 very strong drivers). The car was inconsistent and had some snap oversteer coming off-throttle on full-lock. I think this was caused by the chassis rubbing on the ground.

In Q2 I opted for no tyre treatment (just Simple Green). I raised the ride height to 5.5 and 6.0mm. This was much better. Consistency was up and best lap time was lower.

I kept the same setup for the two finals, which were both ok. Joe pointed out some places I was losing time to the faster guys, and some places where he thought I was gaining minor advantages. All in all I was ending about 2/3 of a lap behind the leaders (and at least 0.5 seconds slower on my fastest lap time). The car seemed to lose speed in the corners. I was scrubbing speed where others weren’t. Why?

There are a few things I would like to work on for the next race:

  • reduce the rear ride height to 5.75mm
  • maybe try the MuchMore grey springs (or even go back to the HPI blues)
  • start treating the tyres again (I think my Q1 problems were related to my ride height not tyre treatment)

Chatting to Heavy after the meet, I explained how the car felt and he had some suggestions:

  • add some front toe-out: make it 1 degree on each side. This bit of toe-out gives you more immediate initial turn-in, so you don’t have to wait for it.
  • reduce the rear toe (currently 3 degrees) to 1 or 1.5 (he runs 0 degrees in 21.5).

P.s. The F1 guys were running 15 minute finals. That was pretty cool to watch. Their batteries easily made it with their 21.5 motors. They’re wondering if they can make it 20 mins.